Reliable GPS Receivers and Their Many Uses in Your Life

Today, GPS receivers made for consumers are primarily used for route planning and navigation. Through locking on to satellite constellations that orbit the earth, the receivers will be able to identify your exact location in the planet, determine the direction and speed in which you are travelling, whether you are riding a vehicle, boat or you are just walking and in case you are riding an aircraft, this will also be able to tell you your exact altitude.

But what are the other things that your GPS can do for you?

GPS Systems

Stay Secure with Safety Cameras

The GPS based navigation devices made it easier to spot the permanent safety cameras on roads to help the drivers ensure that they will stick to the speed limit every time they are on the streets.

A Benefit for the Drivers

Many drivers, whether they are driving for pleasure or business purposes, will be able to benefit a lot from satellite navigation which is made possible by a reliable GPS receiver. This helps them find their exact location or assists them in following the route from point A to point B as provided by their navigation device.

Avoid Accidents and Traffic Jams

There are certain navigation devices and GPS receivers that can access some traffic news announcements and send alerts to the drivers regarding road problems ahead of them and help them through re-routing their journey in order to avoid accidents and traffic jams.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Cross country runners, hikers, hunters, tourists and practically everyone can use their GPS receiver for pinpointing their location and finding their way from the landmark to the checkpoint and make their way back home safely. The GPS can also be used for marking a certain spot on the map, allowing you to return to this exact location later on.

Experience Full Blast Entertainment

A GPS device can also serve as your planner if this comes with points of interest or POIs, including restaurants, hotels, emergency assistance, gas stations and so much more, all of which are embedded in its mapping software.

Gaming Excitement at Its Best

The outdoor gamers can also use their GPS receiver for participating in the treasure hunts in this digital age, popularly called geocaching. Game organizers high a treasure cache at a certain secret location and give clues regarding its whereabouts which will rely on using your GPS receiver so that you can find your bounty.

You see, GPS receivers have a lot of exciting things to offer and you too can also experience their benefits by getting one for yourself today.

Top 10 Exciting Ways to Make the Most Out of Your New GPS System

The GPS devices of this modern world have become portable. Not only are these devices fit in your car because now, you can even find handheld devices that are only as big as your cell phone! Whether you are just planning to buy one for the first time or you are already a GPS user, did you know that there are several exciting things that you can do with your unit?

GPS System

  • Find your vehicle’s parking location – Say, you forgot your car’s parking location in the grocery store. Well, there is no need for you to worry because your GPS device will be able to find it for you.
  • Travel – If you are traveling in a new place, getting lost is always possible. With your GPS device, you will no longer have to use the traditional map that can be too confusing at times because your navigation unit will be able to tell you if you are going the right direction.
  • Record your route – In case you are traveling in a secluded area where there is no defined road, you can always record the exact route that you took then play it back or use this recording in the future if you have plans to visit again.
  • Set notifications for travel route – With your GPS device, there will no longer be cases of a missed exit on the freeway and having to detour for 3 miles back. The GPS navigator will serve as your guide during your trip so that you will not miss any important highway exits or turns.
  • Know your exact coordinates – When your car suddenly broke them in the middle of nowhere, your GPS will tell you your exact coordinates that you can then give to the towing company for them to get to your location faster.
  • Use as speedometer – The GPS device also has the ability to track your speed. In case you have been stopped for alleged speeding, you can use this for proving to the cops that you are not exceeding the limit.
  • Locate camp – Every time you go camping, you can always find your way back to camp without any worries of getting lost in case you decided to visit the nearby town or you farther with your hike.
  • Search and rescue purposes – During water emergencies, like someone accidentally falling off the boat, the GPS device can be used for marking the exact spot of the incident. For many years, GPS has been put to use and ensured the success of search and rescue operations.
  • Boating – If you go boating, you can always identify your exact location in the water with no need for you to search for any landmarks.
  • Track teenagers – The last but finally not the least, GPS devices can be used for locating your teens. Parents surely know how teenagers love going for late night forays. But thanks to the help of GPS, you will know exactly where your kids are and even your car each and every time!

GPS devices can prove to be extremely useful in different situations and can even give you so much fun. There are now a lot of websites that offer fun tips as well as equipment for your navigation needs, which include GPS systems and so much more!

Many Android apps from Google Play security-challenged

German university researchers have found hundreds of popular Android apps in the Google Play market that leave 10s of millions of users vulnerable to attackers looking to steal banking credentials, credit card numbers and other personal information.

Google Play

The problem is in the way the tablet and smartphone apps implement the security protocol used in communicating with users’ Web browsers, the researchers said. An analysis of thousands of free apps found nearly 8% vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks as a result of unsound use of secure socket layer (SSL).

In general, mobile apps use transport layer security (TLS), which includes the SSL protocol, for transmitting and receiving sensitive data while communicating with a Web server. The researchers claim that flaws in the implementation make it possible for an attacker to intercept and control the data traffic.

During the analysis, researchers were able to intercept from the apps a variety of user information, such as credit card numbers, bank account information, PayPal credentials and social network credentials.

Google did not respond to a request for comment.

The full research paper was not immediately available, but the authors did post an overview of the findings. In analyzing the use of SSL in 13,500 popular free apps on Google Play, the researchers found 1,074 vulnerable to MITM attacks.

The researchers, who worked in teams from the Leibniz University in Hanover and Philipps University of Hamburg, used a homegrown proof-of-concept tool called MalloDroid, which was designed to identify exploitable SSL bugs, Threatpost, the Kaspersky Lab blog, reported Friday. The apps analyzed with the tool represented 17% of the apps that contain HTTPS URLs, which indicate that they use SSL.

The researchers manually audited 100 apps and found 41 vulnerable to MITM attacks because of SSL misuse. The cumulative install base of all the vulnerable apps ranged between 39.5 million and 185 million users, based on information the researchers gathered from Google Play.

“The actual number is likely to be larger, since alternative app markets for Android also contribute to the install base,” the researchers said.

From the 41 apps analyzed manually, the researchers were able to capture credentials for American Express, Diners Club, Paypal, bank accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live ID, Box, WordPress, remote control servers, arbitrary email accounts and IBM Sametime. In addition, the researchers were able to disable anti-virus apps and remotely inject and execute code.

The research findings were not a surprise to Jeremiah Grossman, founder and chief technology officer of WhiteHat Security.

“The implementation problems with SSL was, or is, true with a good number of Websites as well,” Grossman said in an email. “As the mobile landscape is immature, one might expect this to be the case.”

Chester Wisniewski, senior security adviser for Sophos, said the problem often stems from an application developer who does not know how to properly implement SSL. Also, careless developers skip implementing SSL in the beta version of an app and never turn it on when the app becomes generally available.

“One of the problems with SSL is it’s very fragile,” Wisniewski said. “If you break any one piece of how it works because it’s inconvenient, and disable (the component) or turn it off, then the whole thing is useless.”

For companies, the research points to the importance of using virtual private networks when employees are accessing corporate email and data using a mobile device, Wisniewski said. “That way, it would be very difficult for somebody to man-in-the-middle it.”

For consumers, Wisniewski recommended using the Chrome browser in an Android device or Apple Safari in the iPhone for sensitive transactions, when possible. The browsers have more reliable SSL implementations then apps.

In addition, people should avoid using public Wi-Fi networks for making purchases with a credit or debit card or accessing online banking, since most MITM attacks occur on such networks.

The latest research adds to the risks associated with Android devices. Because apps can be sold and distributed by anyone, a significant number have been found to be malware capable of stealing data, sending texts to paid services and distributing spam.

Despite the risks, wireless carriers and Android device makers continue to do a poor job at patching the software, recent studies show.

GPS System – How Does It Really Work?

Way back during the ancient times, the humans have long looked up to the skies in order for them to find their way around the earth during their travels. Even the ancient sailors relied on the constellations formed in the night sky to know their location as well as their destination.

GPS Systems

Fast forward to the present times, the modern people no longer need to glance at the skies because all that it takes is a simple and portable handheld Global Positioning System or GPS receiver for them to know their exact location, no matter where they are in the world. However, even at this day and age, there is still a need for the objects high up in the sky for you to know where you are and how you will get to other places.

But this time around, instead of trying to figure out the star formations, satellites are now being used. More than 30 navigation satellites zip around high above the planet and these very satellites tell the people their precise location at any given time.

GPS: A Short Overview

At the very basic sense, GPS is actually a system. This is composed of three main parts: the satellites, the ground stations, and the receivers. The satellites are the ones that serve as the stars in the constellations and you know where these are supposed to be at certain times. Meanwhile, the ground station makes use of radar for ensuring the satellites are actually where they are supposed to be. Finally, the receiver, similar to what you can find in your phone or car, constantly listens for the signals that come from the satellites. This receiver will figure out how far away they are from the rest.

After the receiver has calculated the distance from four or several satellites, this will know your exact location and voila! From several miles up in the space, your ground location can be identified with an amazing precision. Most of the time, these can determine where you are within several yards of your exact location. However, the more high technology receivers will be able to figure out where you are to within several inches. Surely, the ancient sailors will feel flabbergasted by the ease and speed of pinpointing locations today.

GPS in Your Modern Everyday Life

So far, there are still a lot of vital things for which GPS systems can be used for. Make sure that you get your own unit today and get the best out of this one of a kind device!