GPS System – How Does It Really Work?

Way back during the ancient times, the humans have long looked up to the skies in order for them to find their way around the earth during their travels. Even the ancient sailors relied on the constellations formed in the night sky to know their location as well as their destination.

GPS Systems

Fast forward to the present times, the modern people no longer need to glance at the skies because all that it takes is a simple and portable handheld Global Positioning System or GPS receiver for them to know their exact location, no matter where they are in the world. However, even at this day and age, there is still a need for the objects high up in the sky for you to know where you are and how you will get to other places.

But this time around, instead of trying to figure out the star formations, satellites are now being used. More than 30 navigation satellites zip around high above the planet and these very satellites tell the people their precise location at any given time.

GPS: A Short Overview

At the very basic sense, GPS is actually a system. This is composed of three main parts: the satellites, the ground stations, and the receivers. The satellites are the ones that serve as the stars in the constellations and you know where these are supposed to be at certain times. Meanwhile, the ground station makes use of radar for ensuring the satellites are actually where they are supposed to be. Finally, the receiver, similar to what you can find in your phone or car, constantly listens for the signals that come from the satellites. This receiver will figure out how far away they are from the rest.

After the receiver has calculated the distance from four or several satellites, this will know your exact location and voila! From several miles up in the space, your ground location can be identified with an amazing precision. Most of the time, these can determine where you are within several yards of your exact location. However, the more high technology receivers will be able to figure out where you are to within several inches. Surely, the ancient sailors will feel flabbergasted by the ease and speed of pinpointing locations today.

GPS in Your Modern Everyday Life

So far, there are still a lot of vital things for which GPS systems can be used for. Make sure that you get your own unit today and get the best out of this one of a kind device!