How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

Here’s how to Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

If you have just got your new iPhone out of the box and begun using it you may want to give it your own personal touch, some of the ways you can do that is to customize your lock screen.

Though the default Apple stills that come with all iPhones are good, you can change it to anything of your choice including live ones.

You can also make custom changes to the functionality as well, not just the visuals. You can change notification settings, quick access settings and a lot more.

This will give you better control of your iPhone and allow you to access or on the other hand block default features that you do not want and customize your iPhone to your liking.

For more details on various types of customization options continue reading below.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

There are a few different things you can do to your lock screen to personalize the iPhone not just by changing visuals but also by some of the functions.

By doing this you will get better and quicker access to apps or functions you need and use most frequently. This means less searching and scrolling to find what you want.

How To Change The Wallpaper On Your iPhone Lock Screen

When Apple sends out their new iPhone’s, all of them come with a pre installed set of default wallpapers which are most of the time brilliant pictures.

While these pictures are good, they can get repetitive after a time or you may want to go with something different, something of your own maybe, for this reason, Apple allows you to replace your lock screen image with anything of your choosing.

There are multiple options to pick out from as well, live photos that will animate when you use the 3D touch your iPhone, Apple’s gallery of images and the most personal, a picture from your own gallery.

To customize your wallpaper follow the steps given below.

To begin. Open the Settings app on the home screen of your iPhone.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

Once on the settings page, click on the wallpaper tab.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

Next, click on choose new wallpaper. You will then be prompted to choose the wallpaper from a particular directory.

Here, there are four different options.

  • Live – These are the most alive of all the choices, made by Apple particularly for the iPhone, these photos will react when you use the 3D touch feature.

But note that these are available only on newer iPhones and should have support to work.

  • Stills – Here you will find a collection of images that have been put together by Apple themselves and come by default with all iPhones.
  • Dynamic – This consists of circles that float all around the screen and are sensitive to motions that your iPhone makes with the help of the gyroscope sensors.
  • Libraries – One of the more popular sections, this allows you to use any picture saved on your iPhone in the Photos app, including your selfies and other pics you have taken.
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When you decided which one you want to use, click on it. This will set it to the screen.

If you are not satisfied with the default setting, you can make changes to the image using the following.

Move and Scale – With this, you can move the image in any direction and place where you like, or pinch to zoom in and out to find a particular portion of the image you would like to use.

Motion – This setting is for live photos, here you can toggle on or off the movement of the image that depends on the movement of the phone.

When you have finished getting your image just right, click on Set.

You will then go to the page where you will find the option to, set the lock screen only, the home screen only or both. This allows you to pick which screen to use the wallpaper on or set it to both if you want.

How To Disable Access To Control Center, Siri, Home Control And More.

The iPhone Notification center and the control center are things of convenience, they allow you to receive all your alerts without the need to unlock your phone, you can also access the media controls and settings quick and easy.

Although this is very convenient the downside is that anyone else can get access to these alerts or settings through either of the centers. So if this is cause for you to worry, you can choose to disable features like Siri, the Wallet, Home and Notification centre access so they cannot be accessed on the lock screen.

To turn off the features you want or to turn off all of them follow the steps given below.

First, Open the Settings app on the home screen of your iPhone.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

Next, depending on which iPhone model you are using, when you are on the settings page, click on Face ID and Passcode or Touch ID and Passcode which ever option your iPhone model displays.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

You will then be prompted to enter your passcode, do so. Once you have entered your passcode you will move to the settings page for Touch Id and Passcode.

Here, you will find multiple options which are listed below.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone
  • Today View – This provides you with information like the weather and your daily appointments.
  • Notification Center – This will display all recent notifications you get.
  • Control Center – Here you will get instant access to controls for Wi-Fi, Screen brightness and more.
  • Siri – With this setting, if off Siri will not work unless you unlock your iPhone.
  • Reply with Message – This will enable or disable the ability to reply with a message directly from a notification on the lock screen.
  • Home Control – Here, you can allow or disable control of your HomeKit devices like smart lights and others.
  • Wallet – This allows quick access to the Wallet app for easy payments. Turn it off if you do not want it to be opened unless the phone is unlocked.
  • Return Missed Calls – This setting will either allow or stop the ability to return a missed call from a notification on the lock screen.
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To enable or disable any of the above listed features just toggle the button on the right of the required features tab.

How To Manage Notifications On The Lock Screen

Not missing a notification because they pop up on the lock screen for your convenience although helpful can allow some of your private information to be seen by others at times.

If for some reason you want to turn off certain notifications settings follow the steps given below.

But note that each setting has to be changed individually, so you will have to repeat the steps for each notification you want to disable.

First, open the Settings app on the home screen of your iPhone.

On the settings menu page, click on the Notifications tab.


How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

When on the Notification settings page, pick the app for which you want to disable lock screen notifications.

Click on the lock screen icon, the blue circular check box under the lock screen icon should get removed once you click.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

To disable other notifications repeat the same steps for them as well.

On this page, you will also be able to make groups for your notifications.

To do so, click on the Notification grouping tab, and select the option that you want out of the three, Automatic, By App or Off completely for your lock screen and your notification center.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

How To Set Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is an old feature from Apple. This feature allows you to make your screen wake up automatically as soon as the iPhone is picked up, this without having to press any buttons or tap on the screen.

Keep in mind that your iPhone should be running on at least iOS 10 or newer for this function to work.

To turn this feature on or off read the steps given below.

First, open the Settings app on the home screen of your iPhone.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

When on the settings page, click on Display & Brightness.

How To Customize The Lock Screen On The iPhone

On the Display and Brightness page, click on the Raise to Wake option to either turn it on or off.

How To Set A GIF As The Wallpaper

While iPhone’s do come with live wallpapers to set on your lock screen, these can get a bit monotonous after a time with their wavy colors and textures with a few effects thrown in on top.

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If you feel you need a change from this, something even better and way more personal that will make your lock screen look brilliant, a good GIF might be the solution you are looking for.

To set a GIF as your iPhone lock screen wallpaper follow the steps given below.

To begin with, you will have to find a GIF you like, there is an unlimited list of genres and different types to choose from out there.

When you have finally found the one you like, you will have to download it and save it on your iPhones local storage.

Open the GIF and expand the options list, this would be the three dots on the bottom right corner,

here, click on the covert to live photo option.

When that is done you will get another two options,

  • Save as Live Photo (Full Screen) – This option will crop the GIF to occupy the whole of your iPhone screen.
  • Save as Live Photo (Fit to Screen) – This option will use the GIF exactly like it is and instead will add black bars to fill in the screen.

Once that is done, open the Settings app on your iPhone and click on the Wallpaper option.

Select the GIF that you have just converted to a live photo from the live photos section and click on Set to make it your lock screen wallpaper. You can also use the same GIF as your home screen wallpaper.


Even though a lot of Apple’s products including the iPhone are not as customizable as some of their Android competitors. As you have read in the above article the iPhone does have its own customization options to offer its users.

So if you were looking to just change your wallpaper or make certain aspects of your phone more private when it is locked, we hope you find the information you need in this post.

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